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About PTM

About PTM

Perez The Mouse is a clothing boutique for babies and kids up to 6 years old. All our merchandise comes from recognized Spanish manufacturers such as La Ponderosa, Condor or Ñaco. We aspire to offer quality clothing that is elegant and comfortable.

In Spain, there’s a rich textile tradition and an important refinement when dressing babies and children. Particularly in northern Spain, many intact traditions are followed, which makes it so a classic style is predominant, which many mothers choose.

Interest in “Baby & Kids” fashion is awakened more and more in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Recently, there have been many images of the children of the Duque and Duchess of Cambridge, George and Charlotte, wearing “made in Spain” clothing and using similar articles similar to those offered at Perez the Mouse.

Perez the Mouse is a name with history: it’s about a character created to entertain King Alfonso XIII when he was just a boy and afraid of losing his teeth. The Royal Palace’s chaplain, father Coloma, wrote the story of this small mouse that lived inside a cookie box. The story of the little mouse Perez quickly became popular and the character ended up in the bedrooms of all the small children of Spain to exchange their fallen baby teeth for sweets and small surprises, becoming somewhat like the Tooth Fairy.


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